Digital Print

Our Digital Printing services include business cards, flyers, brochures, posters, folders, catalogues, booklets, company profiles, calendars and more. We Service all industries from business startups through to long-standing corporates with their corporate stationery and marketing material requirements. Invest in your company stationery for a sense of identity to distinguish your brand from your competitors.


Business cards, flyers and brochures are often your first point of contact. Make yours count! We also supply folders for reps on the road to present tenders or quotations to customers. Company catalogues and profiles are also a great way to showcase your business.

Full-colour labels, posters, banners, vehicle magnets, vehicle branding,  correx boards, vinyl print and cut, chromadek signs and more.

what is Digital printing?

The first digital printing press was introduced in 1993 and is a method of printing directly from a digital-based image from desktop publishing tools using laser or inkjet printers. The digital image is made up of a matrix of dots called pixels and this process is called digitising. 

what is the difference between litho and Digital printing?

The basic difference between the two is that litho printing uses wet ink and printing plates while digital printers use toners on a press similar to the office printer. Digital makes prints  directly from a simple electronic file. Whilst litho takes longer to setup than a digital printer, it’s quicker to print high quantities of high quality repeat items. Digital printing is more suited to shorter print runs as it’s a quicker form of printing and more cost-effective.

why choose Digital printing?

Digital printing is suited to shorter print runs as it is a quicker form of printing which is more cost-effective due to ease of setup.  It is done with the aid of a computer and you’re able to print in full colour and delivery is quick. This method is also more environmentally friendly as it results in less wastage of paper and chemicals.

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